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Virtual Currency Platform

With AdWork Media's Virtual Currency platform, you can enable users to upgrade accounts, purchase content & services, access premium areas, unlock rewards, and similar actions with little, if any, cost to the user. Earn $0.20 to over $20.00 for each valid completion by your users. Our Virtual Currency platform can also extend to our Offer Wall, Content Locker, and other tools.

Virtual Currency Platform


Virtual Currency Friendly Offers Available for Nearly Every Country!

Provide users with a desirable reward and our monetization platform will handle the rest!


Virtual Currency Platform

Effective Monetization
Proven Monetization Strategy

It's no secret that people love free things. The majority of our offers cost the user absolutely nothing except a few minutes of their time. Earn roughly $0.75 - $20+ for each user completion!

Simple Integration
Easy Integration & Support

Our platform integrates seamlessly into most scripts including WordPress, Blogger, vBulletin, and many more! Our knowledgeable support team will work with you through every step of integration.

Postback API Tracking
S2S Postback & API Tracking

Your application/web service will be instantly notified upon conversions, allowing you to process lead data. Use tracking ID's to pass variables (ex: user ID's) and execute necessary business logic on your end to upgrade user accounts, serve digital content, or other actions.

Customizable Platform
Customizable Platform

You're in full control of appearance & theme, monetization options, and general behavior settings. Set the redirect URL, user access time, campaign types, and an endless amount of other options.